Best Kirtan Service in Mumbai

Best Kirtan Service in Mumbai  Best Kirtan Events are held by our organization to meet the varied requirements of the clients. Whatever is the occasion, whatever the location, whatever the time frame, we manage it well. The kirtan mandali sing bhajans on the choice of the audience sitting around and endeavor to make the entire environment peaceful and enjoyable.

Maa Durga is the embodiment of the divine energy and the creative power. Maa Durga reigns as the Mother Goddess, amongst the Goddesses worshiped by Hindus. Although there are innumerable forms of Goddesses and ultimately all are one, yet Durga-form is the most popular one. In Vedic Mantras, the Mother is the Prime God. Mother not only creates a child from her body and energizes but becomes the biggest and the most effective teacher of her child to mould his future. It is revealed that without her even lord Shiva is a lifeless Body [Shav].

A Kirtan performance includes an accompaniment of regionally popular musical instruments, such as the harmonium, the veena or ektara (forms of string instruments), the tabla (one-sided drums), the mrdanga or pakhawaj (two-sided drum), flute (forms of woodwind instruments), and karatalas or talas (cymbals).[10] It is a major practice in Hinduism, Vaisnava devotionalism, Sikhism, the Sant traditions and some forms of Buddhism, as well as other religious groups.

It creates a religious environment in society and brings every member of society together.

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